“The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things” out now!

🎵 Dive into Vanden Plas’s latest journey with “The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things” out now! 💫

Infusing fresh vigor while staying true to their distinctive style, the band delivers intricate melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, inspired by life’s essential elements. 🎸 Guitarist Stephan Lill leads the music, while Andy Kuntz brings his lyrical prowess.

With its fusion of technical prowess and emotional resonance, this album promises to captivate audiences worldwide, akin to rediscovering a lost jewel in the music universe. 🌍 Don’t miss the latest masterpiece from Vanden Plas!


Welcome Alessandro del Vecchio

“When Andy and Stephan called me for joining Vanden Plas my only thought was how could I have lifted the already amazing sound the band has ever had. Günter will always be a reference and inspiration and I will always honor the legacy, bringing my own twist of things and make VP 2.0 as exciting as ever. “My Icarian Flight” reflects this vision, our vision. I cannot wait for you to hear this incredible album we’ve been working on.”

Günter leaves Vanden Plas

Hi to all our fans and followers,
maybe some of you have read the expression „Ex-Vanden Plas“ behind Günter´s name in the promotion trailer for Anima One.
We can imagine that this was surprising. But yes, it´s like that.
Günter has recently decided to leave Vanden Plas after more then 30 years. For Vanden Plas, this really seems somehow strange and unreal, as we had a steady line-up since 1990.
What is quite unusual for a rock band. We are very proud about this long-term relationship – but now, it also happened to us… This is sad, but the message for all Vanden Plas-fans is: Vanden Plas still exists, and we will continue to release CD´s and also play concerts. In addition, Günter and Vanden Plas will continue to work together at theatres, playing our own rock operas as well as other theatre productions.
We are looking back on more then three decades of a common successful work. And at the same time, both Günter and Vanden Plas are looking forward to all the exciting new things which will show up in the future.
As soon as we are able to officially welcome the new band member, we will inform you here and on all our official platforms.

Vanden Plas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our Fans, Followers and Friends out there in the world!

Here is the “Rough Nights bundle” – the „Raunächte“ are the twelve nights after Christmas – This is the most mystical time of the year – the time between the years – the time when one comes closest to the ghost world. Matching this, we offer any combination of at least 2 of our Ghost Xperiment Illumination or Awakening Items with a 20% discount in our shop!

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Tombola zur Unterstützung für Inklussionsschaukel-Projekt gestartet

Die VANDEN PLAS-Verlosungsaktion von Tickets für die neue Rockoper “Last Paradise Lost” am Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern aus ROCK HARD 420 hatte nicht nur zur Folge, dass die glücklichen ROCK HARD-Leser:innen zu begeistertem Publikum der Rockoper wurden, sondern hat zudem wohltätige Auswirkungen.

Quelle: https://www.rockhard.de/artikel/vanden-plas-tombola-zur-unterstuetzung-fuer-inklussionsschaukel-projekt-gestartet_603967.html

Autor: Stefan Glas

English hint below

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Live & Immortal in German Trendcharts

We are currently on ranking 44 in the official german trendcharts. 🙏🏼 Ironically, the largest online provider, who could help us best to maintain this trend – now has huge delivery problems. If you want to support us despite this dilemma – or you are not sure, where to get the new items – here are a few tips on how to get the coveted gem and how we can on top generate official chart numbers together.

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Happy Easter

We would like to put a little surprise in the nest for the happy Easter wishes to our loyal VP fan community… Soon there will be many great news from our side… What exactly that is… will not be revealed yet – everyone, go on your epic egg hunt first.