Merry Christmas to all our Fans, Followers and Friends out there in the world!

Here is the “Rough Nights bundle” – the „Raunächte“ are the twelve nights after Christmas – This is the most mystical time of the year – the time between the years – the time when one comes closest to the ghost world. Matching this, we offer any combination of at least 2 of our Ghost Xperiment Illumination or Awakening Items with a 20% discount in our shop!

FX: Awakening shirt plus album – and or … Vinyl & Illumination carsticker, bottle opener – or any other combination!
The discount also applies to each additional item from the ghost series… So a 3, 4, 5 etc. combination

Thanx so much for giving us your support. Thank you for giving us the respect and freedom to continue to tread new artistic paths.

The next VP album will pay back your loan to 100%!

Have a save trip into 2023

Sincerely – The Vanden Plas Guys