Welcome Alessandro del Vecchio

“When Andy and Stephan called me for joining Vanden Plas my only thought was how could I have lifted the already amazing sound the band has ever had. Günter will always be a reference and inspiration and I will always honor the legacy, bringing my own twist of things and

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Günter leaves Vanden Plas

Hi to all our fans and followers,maybe some of you have read the expression „Ex-Vanden Plas“ behind Günter´s name in the promotion trailer for Anima One.We can imagine that this was surprising. But yes, it´s like that.Günter has recently decided to leave Vanden Plas after more then 30 years. For

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our Fans, Followers and Friends out there in the world! Here is the “Rough Nights bundle” – the „Raunächte“ are the twelve nights after Christmas – This is the most mystical time of the year – the time between the years – the time when one

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