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DVD – Ludus Danielis


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Release Date: 2008

Description: Ludus Danielis (The Play of Daniel) by Günter Werno, Stephan Lill and Johannes Reitmeier. Recorded live at Pfalztheater in Kaiserslautern/Germany, sung in Latin with german subtitles. Based on the Holy Bible’s tale about King Belsazar. Starring Andy Kuntz of Vanden Plas (Daniel), Randy Diamond (Belsazar/Darius), Astrid Vosberg (The Queens), Ines Agnes Krautwurst/Günther Fingerle/Peter Floch (The Elders/The Babylonian Nobles/The Satraps Of Persia), Arlette Meißner (The Angel), Bernhard Schreurs (The Prophet).