Update on payment methods and DHL shipping charges

With regard to increased DHL shipping charges, we would like to offer our customers a price guarantee. 

We politely point out that postage rates have risen. As a small company, we unfortunately are not able to absorb the increase in shipping charges the way larger companies such as Amazon can, and we must pass the increases on to our customers.

Due to the corona crisis shipping has even further increased, especially to the United States.

Shipping charges are calculated based on the dimensions and weight of parcels, and our shop software system cannot accurately determine exact shipping charges until an order is sent out. We are thus unfortunately compelled to calculate and charge the maximum shipping costs and for each individual order prior to shipping.

We are committed to treating our customers fairly.

We guarantee to refund the difference between the charged and the actual shipping costs to your customer accounts after each monthly statement. 

As an additional small compensation, we will also include high quality autographed cards and other VP goodies in every shipment!

Remember, there is a 10% discount for orders of 100€ or more!

Vanden Plas