Andy Kuntz @ United Artists Against Terrorism

Hear Andy Kuntz in the peerless project for the victims of the paris assault “United Artists Against Terrorism”! An encouraged band aid with an unbelievable line up has recorded two new versions of David Bowies “Heroes”.

Special Tipp: “The Doom Version”

Vinny Appice: (Dio-Black Sabbath-Hollywood Monsters)
Ron Thal: (Guns’n’Roses)
Ryan Roxie: (Alice Cooper)
Rudy Sarzo: (Ozzy Osbourne/Whitesnake)
Mitch Malloy: (Van Halen)
Roland Grapow: (Hellowen/Masterplan)
Michael Sweet (Stryper, Former Co- lead vocalist and guitarist of Boston)
Steph Honde: (Hollywood Monsters)
Danko Jones: (Danko Jones)
Mats Leven:(Candlemass-Krux-Therion)
Paul Di’Anno: (Iron Maiden)
Andy Kuntz: (Vanden Plas)
Thomas Lang: (Paul Gilbert-John Wetton)
Darren Crisp: Backing (Age of Liberty)
Alessandro Del Vecchio: (Voodoo Circle/Hardline)
Stan Decker: (Turbotigers/illustration)
Jenny Haan: (Babe Ruth)
Nono Krief: (Trust)

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Vanden Plas releases “Netherworld II”

Remember that as “Netherworld, Path I” ended, the perfidious plans of the dark Godmaker threatened to emerge. Now welcome to “Netherworld II” – Vanden Plas’ enthralling sequel of Wolfgang Hohlbeins dark fantasy epic “Chronicles Of The Immortals”. “Netherworld II” is a fascinating symbiosis of art forms with which the German Prog-Metal Band Vanden Plas can clearly justify its exceptional status in a breathtaking way.

New Video:

Official Audio: